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download the ultmate wedding planner checklist

Get the ultimate wedding planning checklist

Lets face it…planning a wedding certainly has its challenges.  Your wedding day is the day that you’ll look back on for many years to come, so it’s very important that you plan it just right so the day runs perfectly.

But how do you plan the perfect wedding?  Where do you start?  What order should you plan your wedding?  What are the crucial steps you MUST take when planning a wedding?

I have put together the ultimate wedding checklist, free as my gift to you.

This comprehensive checklist lays out the 12 months leading up to your wedding, what you should be completing month by month and in what order.  It is printable and in PDF format so you can keep it in your wedmin folder and check off tasks as you complete them.

To get your “Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist” fill in your details to the right and it will be delivered to your inbox.


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