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Wedding Planner FAQ

I’m sure you’ll have questions regarding my services, so I have put together this handy wedding planner FAQ page.  Any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.

What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner works alongside clients to plan their entire wedding or elements of their wedding. Basically your wedding PA.

How does a wedding planner work?

We offer a free consultation where we’ll discuss you us a couple, your story, your ideas and vision for your wedding and what you need support with. If we are a good fit for each other (this is important!) then I’ll create a timeline for the planning and delivery of your wedding. I’ll share ideas and knowledge but every decision is made by you. We will use my live project management system so you can track the progress of your wedding planning in real time. My job is to ensure you have a fun, enjoyable wedding planning journey with your dream day delivered exactly how you envisaged it.

What does a wedding planner do?

Working alongside clients to understand their vision bring it to life the wedding planner will we create a planning timeline and support our couples to choose suppliers that are aligned to their personalities, theme and story. We will then deliver the day how and when they want it ensuring they have the wedding day of their dreams.

Can using a wedding planner save you money?

Yes! A wedding planner can help you create a realisitic budget, share cost saving tips, recommend suppliers that suit your budget, ensure you avoid costly mistakes, negotiate on your behalf and help you avoid last minute surprises.

When should you start working with a wedding planner?

As early as you can! I want to be able to make the whole wedding planning experience as smooth and easy for you as possible. Having me on board right from the start will mean you have expert guidance when it comes to selecting your venue (one of the most important and sometimes the trickiest parts of the whole process), sourcing those key first suppliers and unlocking the style of your wedding. I understand that not all couples decide they want or need a planner’s services until further down the line, and if this case I’d be more than happy to put a bespoke quote together for you.

Is working with a wedding planner worth it?

Big yes! The average wedding takes around 250 hours to plan and the to do list can feel relentless which can lead to overwhelm. This is where I come in to reduce your stress, give you time back, tend to your every wedding need, diffuse any family dramas and make sure you are happy and relaxed on your wedding day.

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