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Will my 2021 wedding be affected by Covid 19?

It’s been six months since Boris declared a national lockdown and the world as we knew it changed. In August we had the happy news that 30 people could attend a wedding ceremony and reception and couples and wedding suppliers could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fast forward to 28th September and Boris said that weddings should be reduced to 15 people (not including those working) and it could stay that way for six months. Understandably couples are wondering what this means in regards to weddings and covid 19 in 2021. We will discuss the options to ensure they can have their special day.



 Couples eloping to get married has become more popular in recent years and is likely to see another serge in the next six months. The idea of doing a ‘Ross and Rachel’ in Las Vegas has been replaced with romantic visions of couples travelling somewhere special to get married without telling/inviting family and friends.

There are lots of benefits to an elopement including saving money, avoiding family politics, it being more suited to you as a couple and maybe planning a wedding just isn’t your thing. You’ll also need to consider the legalities around it including giving notice of marriage and having witnesses.


Micro wedding

Firstly, what is a micro wedding? In Covid 19 land a micro wedding has 15 attendees (including the bride and groom) and follows the format of a full wedding day. Benefits of micro weddings include flexibility to choose traditions that suit you as a couple, you’ll enjoy a more relaxed day, you can save money and you can make it more personal.


Two- part wedding

If you’re keen to start your married life together but a still want all your friends and family to celebrate with then a two-part wedding could be for you. Host a small ceremony and reception for your nearest and dearest in the first instance and then have the wedding celebration you initially planned later down the line. An extra ceremony and reception come at a cost so you will need to factor that into the overall wedding budget. Download our free wedding planning checklist to ensure you are covering all bases. 



Some couples have dreamt of their wedding day for months and even years and don’t want to compromise on their vision, so postponement is the way forward for them. Broadly there are two parties you need to inform of your postponement: your suppliers and your guests. You’ll need to check your supplier contracts to see what steps you need to take to reschedule and agree a new date. At the same time check your wedding insurance policy to see if you are covered for postponement due to Covid 19. When it comes to your guests speak to your bridal party and family first as they will want to help where they can. Then move on to extended family and friends. Due to the current situation they may be anticipating the postponement. Telling them as early as possible allows them time to change accommodation bookings and travel arrangements.


For those couples with weddings planned for Spring 2021 and beyond we don’t know what the landscape looks like at the moment but are hopeful that when a vaccine is circulated large celebrations can resume. For now though we will have to watch this space.


love Sarah x


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