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How to set your Wedding Budget

Setting your wedding budget can be awkward and boring but once it’s done you can move on to the fun stuff.

To make it easier here are some guidelines:

Who is contributing

It may be that you and your fiancé are planning to pay for everything. Or maybe your families want to help. Either way you need find out who is willing to contribute to your day. It’s important to ascertain how much each party is willing to spend and if they want to contribute to a certain part of the wedding e.g the wedding dress.

These conversations can be awkward but it is good to approach them early on so you can be sure what your overall budget is.

The numbers

Once you know who is happy to contribute you and your fiancé can work out your saving plan.

  • How much can you realistically save and still being able to enjoy every day life?
  • When do you want to get married and how much can you save between now and then?
  • Do you have any existing savings?

Add these answers to any contributions you have coming your way and you have yourself a wedding budget.

Guest numbers

The cost of a wedding is based on the number of guests. The guest count will not only determine the size of the venue but also the amount of food and alcohol you need to provide – the most expensive elements of the wedding.

Looking at your wedding as a cost per guest expenditure may help put costs in to perspective. The guest count will generate the number of items you need to pay for – invitations, favours, table décor etc.

Non negotiables

What one wedding item is top of your priority list? Is it an amazing venue? An open bar? Or a gourmet meal? Once you have decided you can allocate the budget. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to spend around 40% of your budget on the venue and a three-course meal is £50-80 per head.

Do the sums

Does your budget meet your dream wedding? If so it’s time to set up a budget spreadsheet and start allocating to the different aspects of the wedding.

Happy Planning!

Love, Sarah x

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