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 How to plan an intimate wedding


Intimate weddings are all about spending an unforgettable day with your nearest and dearest.


Intimate weddings have been a growing trend over the past few years and with the arrival of COVID 19 they have become more popular as couples have had to restrict guest numbers. Whilst we all hope that the dreaded C will be on its merry way in the near future (fingers crossed) I predict that intimate weddings will remain on trend.

What is an intimate wedding?

 An intimate wedding is classed as a small wedding for up to 30 guests. Otherwise it can be just as special and beautiful as a larger wedding. Maybe even more so.

Intimate wedding planning tips

The planning process remains the same. Start with the basics – what style of wedding do you want and how many guests will you have? This will help you pick the perfect venue for your dream day.

Venue – think about the space you will be using. A big room can make you feel a bit ‘lost’. When you contact venues ask if they have hosted intimate weddings before and how they use the spaces available.

Guest list – You really only want to invite those people closest to you. This may make for some difficult conversations but always remember it is your day, your way. Surround yourself with your nearest and dearest.

Timings – fewer guests will mean your schedule will be more flexible as you will use less time getting people together for photos or moving them from ceremony to wedding breakfast giving you more time to enjoy spending time together.

Details – Due to the smaller numbers you can really go to town on the special details. Handwritten invites and personalised favours and name cards can make your guests feel really special.

Why host an intimate wedding?

Social distancing is a must for us all at the moment due to COVID 19 and having a smaller guest list allows more control over this. Having an intimate wedding may allow you to invest in areas that you might not have been able to previously – better photographer/dress/menu. Having a smaller guest list allows means you will actually get to spend quality time with your guests.

Having smaller numbers can allow you to be more creative with your wedding venue. Some venues may have minimum numbers, but it is worth a chat as all suppliers have learnt that being flexible is important.

What are the cons of an intimate wedding?

One of the cons of having an intimate wedding is that you have less guests to celebrate with. Maybe you want to have a separate party so you can invite all those that didn’t make the wedding guest list (I predict this being a big trend for 2021 and 2022). This could also help with some potentially awkward conversations.

If you think an intimate wedding is for you but you want some support, please get in touch. I’d be more than happy to help.

Love Sarah x



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